Concerto for Orchestra: Luray Caverns (2021)

Concerto for Orchestra: Luray Caverns was composed during the summer of 2021, and celebrates the Luray Caverns, which is one of the great visual wonders of America. The three movements are to be performed attacca, and the orchestra represents respectively an initial descent into the Luray Caverns, a discovery of the physical and musical wonders of the deepest portions of the Luray Caverns (including hidden references to works of Bourgeois and Willis), and a concluding ascent upward from inside the Luray Caverns. The “solo” character of the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings is reflected in the title of the work.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements:
I. ” . . . descent . . . “     ca. 7′ 25″
II. ” . . . discovery . . . “ ca. 8′ 30″
III. ” . . . ascent . . .”       ca. 8′ 35”
Total Duration: ca. 24′ 30″

About the Luray Caverns*
The Luray Caverns is located at 970 US Highway 211 West,
Luray, Virginia, and is a United States Natural Landmark.
Since its discovery in 1878 by a tinsmith and a local photographer, visitors
by the millions have made Luray Caverns the most popular caverns
in Eastern America and an internationally acclaimed destination.

* For more information, visit the website.



2 Flutes
2 Clarinets in A

2 French Horns in F
Trumpet in C

Pedal Timpani

Percussion map concerto luray caverns




The Concerto for Orchestra: Luray Caverns is published by Ars Nova Music Press of Seattle, Washington.