DIVA Suite for Bassoon and Piano (2010)

The DIVA Suite was composed during the summer of 2010 in Hampton, Virginia for bassoonist Stephanie Sanders, who is a Professor of Music at Norfolk State University.  The work’s title comes from encounters of the performance muse of Stephanie in the jazz and classical idioms. The letters from the work’s title informs the tonality of each movement: “D” for the opening movement, the “IV” of “D” for the slow movement, and “A” for the concluding movement.

This work contains an attempt also at a synthesis between the variety of idioms that Stephanie expresses quite regularly in her performances. Aspects of architectonic form, while somewhat traditional, are articulated with great freedom—with allowances for recapitulative gestures.

Harvey J. Stokes
I. “ . . . an ethnic dream . . . ”             ca. 4:25
II. “ . . . after many visions . . . ”         ca. 6:45
III. ” . . . a promise of life . . .”              ca. 4:00
Total Duration: ca. 15:10

Performed 3/2/13 by David Oyen, bassoon and Chialing Hsieh, piano in Morehead, Kentucky at the 2013 Southeastern Composers League Forum of New Music Conference.

Performed 4/21/17 by Stephanie Sanders, bassoon and Susan Ha, piano in Hampton, Virginia.)

DIVA Suite for Bassoon and Piano

Score and Part


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