Piano Concerto: Passions (2012)

Piano Concerto: Passions was composed during the first half of 2012 in Hampton, Virginia for pianist Eun Kyong Jarrell.

All titles of the movements of this work seek to express the character of the composed music. The third movement is a reworking of aspects of the opening movement, while the concluding movement provides resolution of the entire work’s dialectical expression. Finally, the second movement is reflective of expressions of loss, and is the consequence of the preparatory nature of the opening movement.

As to the tonal articulations of the work, a wide range of non-traditional procedures as undergirded by an architectonic form configuration are presented. Additionally, allowances for recapitulative gestures within a projection of a variety of tense and calm gestures in a postmodern framework are evident.

The work is to be performed attacca.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements:
I. “ . . . approaching . . . “                  ca. 13′ 07″
II. “ . . . sacrifice . . .”                             ca. 8′ 43″
III. “ . . . reaffirmation . . .“                  ca. 11′ 30″
IV. “ . . . settlement . . .“                          ca. 8′ 40″
Total Duration: ca. 42′ 00″

(Solo Piano and Orchestra)
Flute 1, 2
Clarinet 1, 2 (B-flat)
Horn 1, 2 (F)
Trumpet (C)
Pedal Timpani
(Beginning pitches: 30” [E]; 28” [B-flat]; 25” [c]; 23” [d])
Solo Piano

Eun Kyong Jarrell, pianist, earned her Master’s degree in Piano Performance from Yeungnam University in South Korea and a certificat de perfectionnement from Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, France. At the age of five, she began her study of the piano. During her childhood, she performed many recitals in Korea, Japan, and China.She started her career in the United States as a performer and an educator in 1995 and served on the faculties of Hampton University and Christopher Newport University. Ms. Jarrell traveled to Paris, France, to continue her study of piano literature with Michael Wladkowski, a Chopin and Szymanowski specialist in 2006. During her residency in Paris, she worked with violinist Devy Erlih, a violinist; her study of ensemble literature included the complete Violin and Piano Sonatas by Beethoven. She has performed as a soloist and a collaborator throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.


Piano Concerto: Passions for Solo Piano and Orchestra (Full Score)

Study Score



Piano Concerto: Passions (Piano Reduction for two pianos)

Reduction for Two Pianos


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