Concerto for Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra (2014)

The Concerto for Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra was composed during the fall of 2014 to the memory of the late Mr. Carroll Bailey, who was one of many mentors of the composer. The work uses a “motto” sequence of three notes cyclically in memoriam of the late musician and teacher as follows:

C(arroll) BA(iley)

Finally, architectonic procedures are expressed in each movement in a non-doctrinaire postmodern manner, with an abundance of cyclical elements throughout.
The work is performed attacca.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements:

I. Andante Moderato—Meno Mosso ca. 12’ 45”
II. Lento—Più Mosso ca. 10’ 00”
III. Allegro ca. 10’ 15”

Total Duration: ca. 33’ 00″

(Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra)

Clarinet in B-flat
French Horn in F
Trumpet in C
Pedal Timpani
(Beginning pitches: 32” [E]; 29” [G]; 26” [d]; 23” [f-sharp])
Solo Violoncello

Concerto for Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra (Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra)

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