Trio Ruvido for clarinet, bassoon, and piano (2016)

Trio Ruvido was composed during the Spring/Summer of 2016 in Hampton, Virginia for pianist Chialing Hsieh and the chamber trio Trifecta! (which includes clarinetist Lori Baruth and bassoonist David Oyen).

This work contains a wide range of “ruvido impressions” in an undoctrinaire style. Aspects of architectonic form, while somewhat traditional, are articulated with great freedom—with allowances for recapitulative gestures. A projection of a variety of tense and calm gestures of tonal relations is presented in a postmodern framework.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements:
I. Largo-Moderato assai:                             ca. 6′ 10″
II. Lento-Allegretto con slancio-Adagio:   ca. 6′ 20″
Total Duration: ca. 12′ 30″

Clarinet (B-flat)

Performed 6/24/17 by David Oyen, bassoon, Lori Baruth, clarinet, and Chialing Hsieh, piano (Trifecta! chamber ensemble) in Appleton, Wisconsin at the 2017 International Double Reed Society Conference.

Performed 6/26/2017 in Valparaiso, Indiana at the 2017 Lutheran Summer Music Academy and Festival, Valparaiso University.

Performed 3/2/2018 in Huntington, West Virginia at the 2018 Ninth Festival of New Music, Marshall University.

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