Values and Proposals No. 2 for wind quintet

Values and Proposals No. 2 is a work for wind quintet, and was composed in 1976 in Greenville, North Carolina.  It is the second of six early works in a planned Values and Proposals series of compositions.  The works in the Values and Proposals series are experimental with respect to design and harmonic content.  Each work establishes and opening series of gestures (the Proposals), and the implications of these gestures are articulated improvisationally in several compositional directions (the Values).  As a result, the works contain much cyclical reference, and are replete with a variety of tense and calm expressions of tonal relations.  The opening and closing two movements of this four-movement work are performed attacca.

Harvey J. Stokes (12/1/76)

Duration of movements:

I. Proposition         4′ 06″

II. Contemplation   3′ 35″

III. Inner Wars         1′ 10″

IV. Value                    2′ 10″

Total duration: 10′ 56″

Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet in B-Flat, horn in F, bassoon.

A recording of this work can be found on the Centaur Records label (Harvey J. Stokes: The Complete Wind Quintets, Nos. 1-4; CRC 3061).

Values and Proposals No. 2 for woodwind quintet

Score and Parts


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