Quintet No. 4 for Winds (2007)

Quintet No. 4 for Winds was composed during the summer/fall of 2007 as a result of a Faculty Research Grant from Hampton University.  The faculty grant supported the composition and recording of this work and three previously composed wind quintets.

This work is dedicated to Dr. Marvin Western, without whom this work would never have been written.  Dr. Western has been much taken with the notion of performing and recording in such an ensemble as the wind quintet, and has performed much chamber music over the years.  

Originally, this quintet consisted of the initial movement only.  Upon additional subsequent reflection, it seemed necessary to expand the length of the work to consist of five movements.

All titles of movements reflect the character of the composed music.  Movements two and four suggest images of the masked and walking dance respectively, while a slower third movement suggests contemplative as well as dramatic images.  The initial and concluding movements enclose these image articulations appropriately; and, as the initial and latter two movements are to be performed attacca, a fast-slow-fast performance profile is provided for the quintet as a whole.

Pitch relations in the work center each movement on C, D, E, B-flat, and C respectively within a postmodern compositional framework.  Architectonic procedures of form are expressed in each movement in a non-doctrinaire manner.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements
I. Prologue                      ca. 6′ 55″
II. Masquerade               ca. 4′ 43″
III. Meditation                ca. 12′ 45″
IV. Promenade                 ca. 5′ 19″
V. Finale                           ca. 6′ 38″
Total Duration: ca. 36′ 10″


Quintet No. 4 for Winds

Score and Parts


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A recording of this work can be found on the Centaur Records label (Harvey J. Stokes: The Complete Wind Quintets, Nos. 1-4; CRC 3061).