Values and Proposals No. 3 for wind quintet (1978)

Values and Proposals No. 3 is a work for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon).  It was composed during the spring/summer of 1978 in Greenville, North Carolina. It is the third of six early works for chamber ensembles in a planned Values and Proposals series of compositions.  The two movements of this work are performed attacca.   Additionally, the movements of the work are fashioned so that an opening “Episode” of divergent musical material is concluded by an “Epilogue” which provided reflective commentary on the materials of the work as a whole.

Harvey J. Stokes (8/11/78)

Duration of Movements

I. Episode           8′ 08″

II. Epilogue          1′ 25″

Total Duration: 9′ 33″

Performed 4/2/81 by the Georgia Woodwind Quintet at the 4th annual Woodwind Quintet Symposium/Southeastern Composers League Conference; Athens, Georgia.

A recording of this work can be found on the Centaur Records label (Harvey J. Stokes: The Complete Wind Quintets, Nos. 1-4; CRC 3061).

Values and Proposals No. 3 for woodwind quintet

Score and Parts


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