Flute Concerto: Excursions (2011)

Flute Concerto: Excursions was composed during the spring/summer of 2011 in Hampton, Virginia for flautist Julie Hobbs, who is Professor of Flute at the University of Kentucky.

Throughout this work, the Solo Flute is assisted by the Piccolo in the expression of many ideas, and it is this dialectic which prompted the title of the initial movement. The expressive journey of the initial movement continues in the subsequent movement, but the expressive motions are much more reflective, and achieve a pacing which is quite playful as well. The third movement ensues immediately thereafter, and provides a reflective image of travels to a cosmic dimension. A return to a more familiar terrain is welcomed by the concluding movement.

Finally, this work contains a wide range of tonal articulations as undergirded by an architectonic form configuration which is nontraditional. Allowances for recapitulative gestures within a projection of a variety of tense and calm gestures in a postmodern framework are evident.  The work is to be performed attacca.

Harvey J. Stokes
Duration of movements:
I. “ . . . birds of a feather . . .“                          9′ 27″
II. “ . . . pacing . . .”                                             6′ 20″
III. “ . . . to Mars . . .“                                           9′ 23″
IV. “ . . . there’s no place like home . . .“           6′ 20″
Total Duration: ca. 31′ 30″

(Solo Flute and Chamber Orchestra)
Clarinet in B-flat
French Horn in F
Trumpet in C
Pedal Timpani
(Beginning pitches: 30” [F-sharp]; 28” [A]; 25” [d]; 23” [e])
Solo Flute

Flute Concerto: Excursions for Solo Flute and Chamber Orchestra

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